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JA / INJAZ / YE - Exploring Your Potential


Exploring Your Potential™ is an online learning program that helps you sculpt a life and career that uniquely suits you. Through a series of lectures, videos, and exercises, you will explore and discover your skills, interests, and unlimited opportunities. It’s your gateway to access the current world of work.

EYP will help you:

  • Build your self-confidence

  • Discover the world of opportunity

  • Get excited about your options

  • Gain a clear sense of direction

  • Become a stronger speaker and writer

  • Explore how you can be most competitive

  • Increase your connections, trust, and peer support

  • Bridge the gap from where you are now to where you want to be!

Package details

Course Sessions
Introduction to Exploring Your Potential - JA/INJAZ/YE Online course
Course 1: Discovering Your Options - JA/INJAZ/YE Online course
Course 2: Sculpting Your Value Proposition - JA/INJAZ/YE Online course
Course 3: Marketing Yourself - JA/INJAZ/YE Online course
Course 4: Activating Your Plan - JA/INJAZ/YE Online course